People In Pictures

I see some strange things people do  when they have their picture taken. There’s certain people that every time you see them in pictures they’re giving the peace sign. Walking down the street, the peace sign comes up. Siting down, the peace sign. They could be lying down at the beach, you can’t see their face all you see is the peace sign and you know who it is. I never seen one picture of them where they don’t know their picture is being taken and there’s no peace sign. Maybe they don’t know, but their hand knows and the peace sign automatically pops up.

The other thing that’s really funny is the two heads together. This makes no sense at all. Why do two people feel that when their picture is being taken, they have to put their heads together. Their bodies are three feet apart, but their heads are almost touching. Do they feel that their head won’t be in the picture, so they make sure the heads are in the middle. Well, I got to tell you, if your bodies are in the picture, your heads should be also.  It’s almost like the Vulcan mind melt.

If I see one guy in a lot of different pictures with different people doing the Vulcan Mind Melt, I know something is going on. It’s almost like Invasion Of The Body Snatchers only he’s doing it with his mind.


Author: zapple100


One thought on “People In Pictures”

  1. I gave up with pictures. Honestly my thing is, I see a camera, I try to look as unattractive as possible. My profile picture on facebook is basically unrecognizable. I do think that those ‘peace sign’ people are annoying, though. 😉

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