TV Bathrooms

I noticed something really funny about bathrooms on TV. HGTV has all these shows where people go to look at houses that they want to buy. Every time they go to look at a house, they walk in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and the rest of the rooms. When it comes to the bathroom, they stand outside and poke their heads in. I don’t know if it’s some unwritten TV  rule that says you can’t go into the bathroom, or they’re afraid of getting cooties.  The whole family all poke their heads in at one time.

I’m over my mother’s apartment today, watching some flip this house show and I mentioned this to her. She said that’s really funny cause one of her neighbors and his mother came over to see her apartment. When it came time to look at the bathroom, they didn’t go in, they just poked their heads in.

I’m thinking, people must think, “this is where they do their personal business, I don’t want to intrude on it. I’ll just take one quick look, say nice then move on.”


Author: zapple100


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