“Shell Shocked” Book Review



I just got done reading Howard Kaylan’s “Shell Shocked.” Pretty good book. Howard tells of his life with The Turtles, The Mothers, and Flo and Eddie. His life went something like this:

Chubby little kid joins a band which becomes “The Turtles.” They have a hit with Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me Babe.” Now that he’s a star, he gets lots of women. Gets married, and has women on the side. Finds drugs and has more women, and more drugs. Gets divorced, has more women and more drugs. Has more drugs, gets married, fools around on the side and does more drugs. Then he does more drugs, gets divorced, does more drugs, fools around, then gets married. Does more drugs, fools around, did I mention he does more drugs. More hits, more women, and more drugs.

That’s his life in a nutshell.






Author: zapple100


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