What I Learned From Pro Wrestling

19750616_strongbow_jivaliant I’ve been a wrestling fan since I can remember. Back then it was on UHF, I think channel 47, the Spanish-speaking channel. I had the bow-tie antenna to get it. When the picture came in fuzzy, I got some foil and wrapped it around it and moved it around till I can make out what was going on the TV screen. Sometimes I had to guess what was going on but Vince McMahon, who was just an announcer at the time, told you what was going on.

Back then, wrestling fans thought it was real. The promoters told you it real and I knew it was real. Anybody that told me it was fake, I let them have it.

Well I remember when Jimmy Valiant was teaming with Chief Jay Strongbow. The was before Jimmy tagged with his brother Luscious Johnny Valiant. Strongbow and Valiant were a good team together and I knew they were going to win the tag team title. I’m watching it one Saturday night, Valiant is teaming with Strongbow and the unthinkable happens, Valiant turns on Strongbow. Holy Shit! They were the best of friends and this happens. How could this happen. Then McMahon says that Valiant has been hanging around with Captain Lou Albano before the show.

All this happened in the 1960’s and I still remember it and it left an impression on me. The lesson here, watch your friends. Who knows what can happen.


Author: zapple100


One thought on “What I Learned From Pro Wrestling”

  1. So many life lessons in wrestling; people who wear masks are ugly, having sex with a corpse doesn’t make good TV and if you climb a ladder someone will push it over. Just some of the ones I’ve usee in my own life.

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