Bad Day At Snow Rock

I got a ton of snow by me the other day
Yesterday started off bad. My mother has been in the hospital almost three weeks now. So I was going to go to the diner then the hospital. I dig out my car, pull out of the parking lot and turn on to the street when I feel like something is wrong. Don’t know how it happened but my front right tire went from full to flat in one second. I had to change the tire in the middle of a snow storm. Then I’m driving to the diner and notice the car is low in the front right. I pull into the diner parking lot and check the tire pressure and it’s 5 pounds, when it should be 30. Couldn’t go to the hospital, had to turn around and find a gas station that was open and fill up the tire.
Hopefully Pep Boys will be open tomorrow and they can fix the flat.


Author: zapple100


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