Hot Tuna

In 2000 I saw Hot Tuna at The Beacon theater. I haven’t seen them in awhile so I was real excited for the show. Jorma and Jack are excellent musicians and they always put on a good show. After the show I wanted to get a Hot Tuna tee shirt. They had the official tee shirts in the lobby for 35 dollars. Now way was I going to pay 35 dollars for a tee shirt no matter how good they looked.

As we were leaving the theater, there was a guy outside selling Hot Tuna tee shirts for 5 dollars. Nothing like the ones in the lobby, but for 5 dollars what the hell.  There were something to bang around in.

Me and my friend Robin bought the shirts. We’re walking to the subway and about 5 blocks later we turn the shirts around and see this.
Where am  I going to wear this shirt! I’ll feel like a total idiot wearing this. 16 years and never worn.

My plan is to be buried in this. I figure with me in the casket, they’ll never see the back anyway. (lol)


Author: zapple100


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