Gongfu Tea Cup

Now that I bought tea leaves the other day and I’m now an expert on tea………. I was looking for some good looking tea cups.

I came across these Gongfu tea cups. They look really nice.gongfu-tea-cups

Have a girl over, impress her with the tea leaves, put on some Steely Dan, then take out the cups.

Then I read that they’re kind of small, 1.5 ounces. Regular cup is about 6 ounces. I thought these are small. I didn’t realize how small till I saw this next picture.


The guy is holding them with his fingers. It’s hard to see the cup it’s so small.

I thought the cup was going to be something like a small bowl where you hold it with two hands and sip the tea. That would have been nice.

These cups look like if you put it to your mouth, the nose would get there first and you’ll be drinking through your nose.


Author: zapple100


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