Flipping The Bird


I could never understand what was so great about this. Who are they telling to fuck off? The people that buy their albums? The Photographer?

Are they trying to make a statement. What is the point of it. It’s not just celebrities. I see regular people doing it also. It’s really not cool, it’s stupid.


Author: zapple100


One thought on “Flipping The Bird”

  1. “Hey YOU! Yes you on the couch watching this ad!!! Welcome to DTV (DumbTv) Get out NOW NOW NOW and Flip people the “Bird” and flaunt your ignorance and lack of social skills today! Buy now and receive a free tshirt! Callers are standing by to FLIP your Bird today! Call 1-800-FUCK-YOU ,No Restrictions Will Apply!

    I totally agree with you zapple100, it’s dumb

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