Mouthwash Picture

I used to have a Pentex ME Super at one time. With “real” film. Now all I have a little Vivitar digital camera. I plan on getting a good digital camera one day. I want one where you look through the lens instead of the viewfinder. When I catch up with some bills, I’ll see.

I used to laugh when people said, “This camera takes good pictures.” It’s not the camera, it’s the person taking the picture. (lol)

Still, when the lighting is right and the stars are in place, you can get a good picture with any camera.

I got this picture just when the light hit it at the right angle.018

The Scary Tree


The co-opt where I live installed new lights outside the building. They happen to be right outside my bathroom window. They’re so bright I don’t have to turn on my bathroom light.

I sent an email to the girl that lives upstairs from me and asked her what she thought of the lights. She said she don’t need a nightlight in her bathroom anymore. She asked me why they did it. I told her for two reasons:

  1. For safety.
  2. So people can watch me take a shower.

It’s so bright, I don’t turn on the light in the bathroom when I take a shower.

This picture is from the window in my bathroom. The window is in the shower. Even with curtains, I’m afraid you can see through it with the light on.

At nighttime with the outside lights on, this tree reminds me of something out of a Ray Bradbury  book. Demons live in the tree and attach themselves to everybody that walks by.