I’m not taking all the credit for this but, I’ll take some. (lol) I posted awhile back that when you got to the blogs you follow, it should say when they posted last. I had a bunch of blogs that I followed that were either inactive or didn’t post for months and the only way to see when they posted was to go to the blog.

Now when you go to the blogs you follow, it says when they posted last. Makes everything a lot easier and I’ll start following more blogs now.


This Is Messed Up

This is one of the reasons I hate the Long Island Rail Road. Some lady was going to catch the train. She was on the wrong side of the tracks when it pulled into the station. She was wearing heels and a dressĀ  just below the knees. The train pulls in, she runs behind the train to cross the tracks, lifts her dress to climb over the small guardrail, runs on the grass, up the incline to the platform, gets to the train and they close the door on her.

The conductor, sticks his head out of the window to see if anybody is coming. There is no way he could have missed her.

GuaranteedĀ  after work he was joking about it to the other conductors.

Candy Cigarettes


I used to eat candy cigarettes all the time when I was a kid. The knock against them is that they get you ready for real cigarettes. You practice with the candy cigarettes, hold them and look cool. When it came time to try real cigarettes, it was like “what the fuck, they taste nothing like candy cigarettes.” So I didn’t smoke. The problem now is I’m up to four packs a day of candy cigarettes and I can’t quit.