The Ralph Rumpelton Collection

This is version two of the movie. When I put it on Youtube, they deleted the soundtrack cause of copywrite issues.  I originally had Kingfish’s “Lazy Lighting.”  I still have that version on my computer.

This soundtrack I got from Youtube. It’s a Miles Davis song. I should have written down the name of the song. If anybody know could they tell me.

All in all I think it came out good. So far this is all of Ralph Rumpelton’s computer paintings.

I could see this movie winning an Oscar Madison.


Alvin Greene

I’ve been following this story of Alvin Greene. He won the South Carolina Democratic primary. Here’s a guy who didn’t campaign, didn’t spend any money, nobody knew anything about him, yet he won. This is the strangest think I ever heard. Why vote for a guy that nobody ever heard about. You would think that the other candidates campaigned and got their message out. Even if you didn’t like them, you knew what they stood for.

I was watching TV and somebody said that Mr. Greene was a plant by the Republican Party. This has to be the dumbest thing I ever herd. If they were going to plant somebody, they would have some money behind him to sabotage the primary. Was it the Republican’s idea to have somebody run, not spend any money on him and hope that people were stupid enough to vote for him?

Armado Galarraga

I hear a lot  of people on TV whining and crying about video replay on close calls in baseball. It’s a shame that Armado Galarraga got robbed out a perfect game but that’s baseball. The umpire’s calls are part of the game.
I seen Armado Galarraga on TV after the game and he seemed to take it in stride. He even gave the umpire credit for saying he made the wrong call.
It’s all part of baseball. There was a call in a World Series game where Yogi Berra was tagged out  at the plate. Yogi’s still talking about that call saying he was safe.

Superbowl in NJ in 2014

Finally we’ll get a real Superbowl in the cold. If we’re lucky, it’ll be heavy snow, wind and 5 degrees. This is the way football is suppose to be played. Not in domed stadiums or in warm weather in the winter. Let all those people who never gone to a football game but want to go to the Superbowl just to say they went, sit in freezing weather like real fans.