Throw down your silver spoons

Pick it up piece by piece.


The Ed Show

I’ve been watching The Ed Show. I like to get all different points of views on whats going on. I noticed something about the show that’s not too good. The other night he spent at least fifteen minutes talking about Bill O’Reilly. It’s the old saying, “if you got nothing good to say about yourself, talk about the other people.”
Ed goes on saying O’Reilly lied, and how FOX is biased, and he keeps on ranting about it.. Then he goes on to talk about the news and is talking about those “righties” and “crazy tea party” people.
Everybody know that Fox is to the right and MSNBC is to the left. If your gonna talk about how biased FOX is you got to call it down the middle then or you sink to their level.

The False Drawer Under The Kitchen Sink

I was looking at the false drawer I have under my kitchen and ask, “what’s the point of it?” Everybody knows it a fake and it don’t even have a handle on it.
So, I went to Google to get a picture for this post, I came across a picture and it took me to Facebook. They have a group with thousands of people in it for “False drawer under kitchen.” These people on Facebook will join anything. I seen some strange ones on there with “False drawer under kitchen” group being right up there.

Tiger Woods

I came home from work the other morning, stopped in the deli to get my coffee and roll and saw the back of the newspaper. “Tiger Woods Storming Back.” He’s two strokes back and tied for seventh.
Nothing on the back page said anything about the guy who was leading the tournament, or the other six guys. Everything was about Tiger Woods.
The back of the paper should have had the leader on it and in little words, “Tiger two back.” That would have made more sense. But no, it’s all about Tiger Woods.
I remember a couple of years ago, somebody won a tournament on TV, so what do they do, they interview Tiger Woods. When they finally got around to the guy who won, he was pissed and said something like, “go back and interview Tiger,” then he walked away.
Personally, I’m sick of hearing and seeing him every two seconds on TV. When there’s a tournament on, it’s all about him, and every once in awhile, they’ll show the other players.

Tap Water

People are amazed at work that I drink tap water. Every time they see me filling up my bottles they make comments about drinking tap water. If they want to pay one dollar for a bottle of water let them.
Tap water has tougher regulations then bottle water. Back in the 60’s and 70’s everybody drank tap water, nobody got sick from it. Now bottle water has the fancy ad’s to make people think it’s better for them.
Sometimes I buy soda then when it’s empty I fill it with tap water. No matter how many times I refill the orange soda water bottle, I can still taste the orange soda.
Ever see the commercial for “Zero Water?” If I put that jug in my frig, it would take up the whole shelf.