Energy Crisis

I have an idea to solve the energy crisis. Put a bunch of little windmills on the roofs of cars. The windmills will charge the batteries, no gas, no pollution,the world will be saved  and we won’t have to hear Al Gore anymore.


The World Cup

I’ve been watching The World Cup. I was really excited for it cause it’s such a big deal. I can only say one thing about it, BORING. They play a whole game and nobody scores a goal and they talk about what a great game it was. Even a shot on goal would be welcome. When the game is one to nothing, be thankful somebody scored. It’s like the biggest thing in the world. The announcer on the Spanish channel goes wild, “goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal.”

Now we all know nobody really scores much in soccer (I’m from The States). But when your team is down 1-0, you got to attack. It’s common sense, you want to score, you got to get the ball in their zone. So why do the team that is losing 1-0 have the ball at midfield, and they work it back to their goalkeeper? How are you going to score back there! Don’t they know they’re going the wrong way. Attack!

I read something today that was really funny.The biggest upset in World Cup history happened today, New Zealand tied Italy. They didn’t even beat Italy. That’s an upset? I call it “lucky you didn’t get beat, but you didn’t win either.”

Ed Schultz

I’ll say one thing about Ed (of the “Ed Show). He’s loyal to the end. Everybody was bashing Obama’s speech, even MSNBC. They were all over Obama for a weak speech. The only person to defend him was Ed Schultz. According to Ed, Obama is doing a wonderful job handling. I was watching his show tonight, according to him, everything is going fine.

I was surprised that the rest of MSNBC was all over Obama. I heard them criticize him before but not like this. This is a first for me.

The Ralph Rumpelton Collection

This is version two of the movie. When I put it on Youtube, they deleted the soundtrack cause of copywrite issues.  I originally had Kingfish’s “Lazy Lighting.”  I still have that version on my computer.

This soundtrack I got from Youtube. It’s a Miles Davis song. I should have written down the name of the song. If anybody know could they tell me.

All in all I think it came out good. So far this is all of Ralph Rumpelton’s computer paintings.

I could see this movie winning an Oscar Madison.