Hit The Hay

The one and only NRBQ:


Wyman’s Revenge

As you might have read, The Stones are re-releasing their “Rarities” album with a different cover. Bill Wyman has been taking out of the picture on it. The Stones are erasing Wyman from their history.
Well Wyman pulled a fast one on The Stones. He bought the rights to the Stones “Dirty Work” album and erased the rest of the band.
Now we know who the “Real” Stone is!

The Phone Call

Some people just don’t know how to talk on the phone. I called up my friend the other day to tell him something. I didn’t get a word in, he started to ramble on for three minutes straight. Then he said “OK, I got to go.” I said wait a minute, I didn’t tell you the reason I called.
Another friend called me up and said “What’s up?” Then he didn’t say a word. I had nothing to say. Then there was complete silence on the phone. Finally I said I got to go.
Whats the point of calling somebody if you got nothing to say.