Tap Water

People are amazed at work that I drink tap water. Every time they see me filling up my bottles they make comments about drinking tap water. If they want to pay one dollar for a bottle of water let them.
Tap water has tougher regulations then bottle water. Back in the 60’s and 70’s everybody drank tap water, nobody got sick from it. Now bottle water has the fancy ad’s to make people think it’s better for them.
Sometimes I buy soda then when it’s empty I fill it with tap water. No matter how many times I refill the orange soda water bottle, I can still taste the orange soda.
Ever see the commercial for “Zero Water?” If I put that jug in my frig, it would take up the whole shelf.


Wyman’s Revenge

As you might have read, The Stones are re-releasing their “Rarities” album with a different cover. Bill Wyman has been taking out of the picture on it. The Stones are erasing Wyman from their history.
Well Wyman pulled a fast one on The Stones. He bought the rights to the Stones “Dirty Work” album and erased the rest of the band.
Now we know who the “Real” Stone is!