The Great Book Purge Part 2


This is part of what I have left of my book collection in my walk in closet which my friends have named “The Vault.

I have a bookcase in my living you also filled with  book. Those are mostly music bios and other music books.

The Mr. Yankee bobblehead comes out opening day and goes back in the closet at the end of the World Series. Can’t wait for baseball to start.

The statue to the right, I can’t decide if it’s “the old man and the sea,” of “Fiddler On The Roof.

The Great Book Purge

I love to read. When I worked in Manhattan, I went through two books a week. I read mostly on the train.

Since I live in a small co-opt, I don’t have much room. So I turned my walk in closet into my library. I have my books and music in there. Unfortunately it’s gets crowed in there and I had books all over the place in there.

There were two times I gave away a bunch of books. Now whenever I see a book on the net that I used to have, it pains me. See, if I had a bigger place I’d make the basement into my personal space and have bookshelves all over the place in there. Even if I don’t read the book again, I can look at the cover and remember what the book is about.

Elvis and The Grateful Dead


I just started reading this book “Elvis and The Grateful Dead.” When I first saw the cover, I thought it was about Elvis Presley and The Grateful Dead. Turns out Elvis is a basset hound who thinks he’s Elvis Presley reincarnated. The Grateful Dead part are the two (so far) Elvis impersonators who died. Elvis (the dog) thinks they sang so bad, they’re Grateful to be Dead.

I got the book cheap and figured what the hell. I’m glad I bought it. So far it’s really good.

I just got done reading a Rad Bradbury book, so this is a nice change of pace.