Heroes and Villains – The Fendertones

They do this so good.


Sgt. Roast Beef and A Pound Of Cheese Band

copy 4 - Copy

My take on the “Sgt. Pepper” album cover with some of my favorites.

Mike Love Kicks Brian Wilson Out Of The Beach Boys

I didn’t bother me before when Mike Love and Bruce Johnstone toured as “The Beach Boys.” They weren’t going to get back together so this was the best we got.

Now that they got back together, Love is going out with his band as “The Beach Boys.”¬† This after Brian Wilson said he would still like to tour with them and make a new record.

Seeing the Love version of the band now is a insult.¬† What’s going to make matters worse, if they don’t say who’s going to be in the band, people could be going expecting to see the real band.


Would You Like To Hang Out With Your Favorite Rock Star?

I was thinking about this the other day.What musician would I like to hangout out with for awhile. Then it came to me that if I hung out with them and didn’t like them, I would hate their music.

 Hanging out with Frank Zappa:

Hey Frank, the Giants are playing the Dodgers. I got some box seats down the first base line. Lets go.

Baseball is boring. It’s for boring people

Well then, lets go to the bar and have a couple of beers.

Are you kidding me. Hang out with the riff-raff.

What do you want to do then?

I’m gonna go in my basement and compose. I’m a composer.

Hanging with John Lennon:

Hi John.

You’re nothing but a dumb little twit. I was in The Beatles.

Want to hear the new Oasis single?

They’re nothing but a forth rate Beatle copy band. They couldn’t carry our jock strap.

Where you going?

Me and Yoko are going out to spread the word of peace and love.

Hanging with Brian Wilson:
Hi Brian.Brian? Hello. You there?