What Is She Doing Now?

I took this picture back in the 1980’s in Penn Station. I was into photography back then and always carried my camera with me. Right when I took this picture, the little girl turned around and looked at me.

This picture haunted me for a long time. I always wondered what happened to that little girl. She probably is in her 30’s by now. I kind of wish I could find her and give her a copy of the picture.

Would be funny if I met her and gave her the picture and she said, “I always wondered what happened to that guy who took my picture way back when.”img034


Tales From The Weird (UFO?)

 I got a new phone a couple of weeks ago with a camera. I was taking a selfie to send to this girl. When I looked at the picture I noticed a white something coming from the sky. I used the camera before and never had a problem. At first I thought it was a lamp post. But you can see one of the lamp post in the picture and see it’s not that high. Then I thought it was a flag pole. I went back to where I took the picture and there’s no flag pole. Plus it’s leaning a little.
 At first I thought it was going into my head but I see it’s behind the trees.
 It has to be something with the camera. But then if it was something with the camera, the line wouldn’t be so perfect.

Tales From The Weird

Let me set the story. My father died fifteen years ago.

My mother calls me up the other day and says “something very strange happened  before.” I said, “what.” She say’s, “This Saturday would have been our 61 wedding anniversary.  I’m having coffee with Joe and the phone rings. I pick it up and nobody answering. I thought it was an automatic phone solicitor. Then I look at the phone to see who’s calling and it’s daddy. I show Joe the phone and she can’t believe it.”

As she’s telling me this, she crying. So since I don’t believe in ghost, I’m thinking there has to be a reason this happened. I call her back the next day to see what the phone number daddy called from. My mother says, “he called from my place.”

Let’s get this straight. My father’s ghost is in my mothers house, uses her home phone to call her cell phone, while my mother is in the house.

Like I said, I don’t believe in ghost but this is just weird.

The Scary Tree


The co-opt where I live installed new lights outside the building. They happen to be right outside my bathroom window. They’re so bright I don’t have to turn on my bathroom light.

I sent an email to the girl that lives upstairs from me and asked her what she thought of the lights. She said she don’t need a nightlight in her bathroom anymore. She asked me why they did it. I told her for two reasons:

  1. For safety.
  2. So people can watch me take a shower.

It’s so bright, I don’t turn on the light in the bathroom when I take a shower.

This picture is from the window in my bathroom. The window is in the shower. Even with curtains, I’m afraid you can see through it with the light on.

At nighttime with the outside lights on, this tree reminds me of something out of a Ray Bradbury  book. Demons live in the tree and attach themselves to everybody that walks by.

The Creeper

I’m in my living room today. My front door has a half circle on the top. I see my storm door open up very slowly. I don’t hear anything, I just see it. Then through the mail slot in the door an envelope comes through. Again very quiet. If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t know what was happening. It doesn’t fall to the floor, it just stays there. Again, no drop, no noise.
It reminded me of a murder mystery. The storm door opens up very slowly. Then a dart gun comes through the mail slot. Next thing you know, I feel a pinch in the back of my neck. The room starts to spin and down I go. Next day the cops are there checking out the dead body.
Back to reality. I thought it was the girl that lives upstairs putting a Christmas card in the slot. I was gonna run over and yank the door open and scare her. Then I thought better of it. When I looked at the envelope, it didn’t have my name on it. It was more the girl upstairs name but the handwriting was really bad.
I wrote an little note and taped it to the envelop saying The Creeper dropped this off at my house and put it in her mail slot.

Elvis and The Grateful Dead


I just started reading this book “Elvis and The Grateful Dead.” When I first saw the cover, I thought it was about Elvis Presley and The Grateful Dead. Turns out Elvis is a basset hound who thinks he’s Elvis Presley reincarnated. The Grateful Dead part are the two (so far) Elvis impersonators who died. Elvis (the dog) thinks they sang so bad, they’re Grateful to be Dead.

I got the book cheap and figured what the hell. I’m glad I bought it. So far it’s really good.

I just got done reading a Rad Bradbury book, so this is a nice change of pace.


Hannity’s Hair


Every time I watch the Hannity Show, I keep looking at his hair. He could be ramblin’ on, talking for a half hour and I would not hear a word he said. I keep staring at his bad haircut.

What’s up with that part? It’s too low to be parted in the middle and too high to be parted on the side. It’s in the “Twilight Zone.”

It looks like it’s cut so the part should be lower. I think when he goes to the barber, the barber lowers the part and cuts it the right way. Then Hannity goes home and raises the part which messes up the haircut.

The sad thing about this is that nobody tells him how funny it looks.