I’m not taking all the credit for this but, I’ll take some. (lol) I posted awhile back that when you got to the blogs you follow, it should say when they posted last. I had a bunch of blogs that I followed that were either inactive or didn’t post for months and the only way to see when they posted was to go to the blog.

Now when you go to the blogs you follow, it says when they posted last. Makes everything a lot easier and I’ll start following more blogs now.



Selfies are a weird thing. You get a bunch of people and have somebody take a picture of them, they just stand there and smile. Give somebody a selfie stick and they all go crazy.

Here’s whey I think this happens. When somebody in taking a picture of them, they are not part of the group and the group tries to be nice. It’s like Bill Preston in the “Let It Be” movie. He comes in and the band in on their best behavior. Without him there, they fight all the time.

Give somebody a selfie stick and the group don’t have to worry about outsiders. They can act whichever way they want.

This Is Messed Up

This is one of the reasons I hate the Long Island Rail Road. Some lady was going to catch the train. She was on the wrong side of the tracks when it pulled into the station. She was wearing heels and a dress  just below the knees. The train pulls in, she runs behind the train to cross the tracks, lifts her dress to climb over the small guardrail, runs on the grass, up the incline to the platform, gets to the train and they close the door on her.

The conductor, sticks his head out of the window to see if anybody is coming. There is no way he could have missed her.

Guaranteed  after work he was joking about it to the other conductors.

The Deadly Mold ( and naked girls)

I was checking out the net the other day. I don’t know how this happened but I ended up one one of those sites that had naked girls on them. She was standing in a bathtub and was really hot looking. This girl was a 10. So I’m checking her out and noticed mold around the tub. This really grosses me out and I’m not talking about a little mold. I’m talking they haven’t cleaned the chalking in years. Now I can’t look at the girl. I enlarge the picture and checking out the mold.

Then later in the day. I see this picture of comic books this guy got at a flea market. They’re in a bag in his closet. The bag of books is suppose to be the main thing. I notice all the dirt in the closet door tracks. Firs thing that comes to mind is, “how can people live like this. It’s a pigpen.” Never would I let my place get like that.

Left Handed Cups?

It just hit me. That’s cups are made for right handed people. Or is there a sinister motive. I have a Starbucks coffee cup. When I drink it with my right hand, the Starbuck log is facing me. On the opposite side in small letters it says, “Made In USA.” I thought, right handed people look at something cool as they drink their coffee.

But then I thought, Starbucks is using left handed people to advertise their brand. Say I’m sitting opposite somebody at a table and I’m a left handed person. I go to take a sip of coffee and the person opposite me sees the Starbuck logo. Free advertisement.

Flipping The Bird


I could never understand what was so great about this. Who are they telling to fuck off? The people that buy their albums? The Photographer?

Are they trying to make a statement. What is the point of it. It’s not just celebrities. I see regular people doing it also. It’s really not cool, it’s stupid.