Way To Piss Off The Majority

of American’s that voted for Hillary Clinton.


“I’m your next president.”


Stupid People On The Radio

I know, there’s a bunch of them. If you don’t agree with them, they’re stupid.

But some people are real stupid. I’m listening to the college radio station in my car before. A talk show starts and the guy is talking about the Presidential election and how he’s trying to make sense out of it. Dude, if you can’t figure this out by now there’s no hope for you. He goes on to say how he listens to MSNBS and CNN and every once in awhile he’ll checkout FOX. Then he goes on to say that FOX is the problem cause they agree with Trump and defend him all the time.

I have no problem with that. He’s right. You know what FOX is. A right wing channel. What this guy fails to realize, and what bugs me is that MSNBC and CNN are left channels. He thinks they’re down the middle.

These channels aren’t news channels. They’re entertainment channels. They say a little of the news then comment on them for your entertainment.

As long as you see this, you’re fine. If you hate one channel and love the other, you got problems.

Tucker Carlson


Tucker Carlson has a new show on FOX. I never seen it but caught part of it on Youtube. What I noticed is that whenever one of his guest are speaking, Carlson put on this face like they’re speaking in a foreign language.¬† His eyes squint, he leans forward and has that look on his face like he can’t make out a singe word their saying.

I like to see some guest start speaking in English, then little by little add foreign words. Then by the end he’s just speaking in a foreign language. Then when Tucker talks, the guest can make that same “Calson Face.”


How The People Made The Media Cry

I saw videos of MSNBC when Trump won and they were in tears there.

I thought they were crying because Trump won. Now I’m not so sure. I think they might have been crying because they didn’t sway the people to vote the way they wanted.

News shows used to report the events. We don’t have news shows anymore. We have propaganda machines where they keep on saying the same thing over and over trying to brainwash the public.

People are wising up now. They don’t care what celebrities saying or who they’ve voting for. Cause people now know that celebrities are dumb asses. Just because they make movies, or music, doesn’t make the rocket scientist.

Trump, Clinton and Baseball

I keep hearing people saying that since Clinton won the popular vote she should be president. This is the stupidest thing I ever heard. People are ignoring what it takes to win, and that 270 or more electoral college votes. The strategy is based on getting 270, not the popular vote. Trump said if it was going by the popular vote, he would have campaigned more in NY and Calif.

I try to explain this to people like this. When you’re playing a baseball game, the team with the most runs win.¬† Those are the rules. Both teams know the rules and play to get the most runs. Now say The Yankees are playing The Red Sox. Yankees win 1 to 0. Only hit the Yankees got was a home run. Boston got 7 hits but no runs. Yankees win the game. But the Red Sox fans say that since they got more hits then the Yankees, they win.

It makes no sense. Even Clinton isn’t going around saying she should be president cause she got more popular votes.

My Immigration Policy

I came up with this idea for the illegal¬† aliens that are in the USA that nobody ever mentioned. Maybe there’s a major flaw in it, that’s why it was never brought up.

This plan can make everybody happy, or nobody happy but I think it’s fair.

First thing you have to do is secure the boarder. Build a wall, or fence or more guards, whatever. The boarder has to be secure or we’ll be in the same mess down the road that we are in now.

I’m gonna use simple numbers to make it easy. Let’s say there’s 10 million illegals in the country. No criminals, law-abiding people. Give them a path to citizenship.

Then say if the US takes 1 million legal people from Mexico. Stop all legal immigration from Mexico for 10 years to make up for the 10 million illegal immigrants the US are making legal.