Jesus Freaks

Much as I hate to say this, I haven’t met one Jesus freak that wasn’t a nut job. Some of them are just out and out crazy, and some will be talking bad about people and when they leave, they say “God bless you” forgetting all about the crap they were saying about somebody behind their back.

The best part is these people don’t think there’s anything wrong with the way they act. You figure that people that love Jesus would be more kind and considerate to other people.

I think these people think they have a direct line to God and they can pass judgement just like God on people.

God’s Revenge

God is sticking it to a couple NFL teams. The Jets traded for Tim Tebow. They told him he would get his fair share of snaps and have a chance to battle for starting quarterback. Rex Ryan came out  before the season started and said that The Jets have two quarterbacks. They don’t know what we’re gonna throw at them.

Ryan had no plans to use Tebow at all. They made him look bad. So what does God do, he makes the Jets the laughing stock of the NFL.

Now we go to Denver. John Elway trades away Tebow. The Broncos sucked last year, they bring in Tebow, they go on a winning streak and take them to the playoffs. Now they get Peyton Manning. We got the Superbowl won. The best QB in the league. Then what happens yesterday. Manning is back to pass, God points his finger at Manning, interception and the Ravens kick a field goal and win the game.

Moral of the story, don’t mess with God.

In Heaven

We were talking at work the other day, who would you want to see first when you got to heaven. Everybody was saying somebody in their family. I said my cat, Harvey Mandel.They all looked at me like I was kind of strange. “Don’t you want to see any of your aunts or uncles?” I said that if I saw Harvey first, I knew I was in the right place.


I know some people who are atheist and their big thing is getting people who believe in a religion to look stupid. One of these people asked me if I believed in evolution. I asked him if he meant that man evolved from another species. I said until I see evidence, no. Then he started rambling on how stupid I was to believe that God made man. This is where I had to point out his stupidity. I never said  I believe God made man. Then I asked him what proof he had for believing in evolution. What did man evolve from? He had no answer. He just went on saying , scientist said this and that. So I said you have no proof, so therefore your basing your belief of evolution in faith just like people who believe in God.