Lets Go Yankees

Even Beethoven is a Yankee fan.thumbnail


Yankees / Mariners

Went to Yankee stadium the other day. First time I saw a game from the outfield. We sat in right field on the second tier.

One minor problem was we couldn’t see right field. Other then that I really enjoyed the game from that view. I thought I was going to be too far away. I was wrong. You get to see everything that went on. Best view ever.11878894781

Max Kellerman

I talked about Shawn Hannity’s funny haircut before. I got another one that drives me crazy. Max Kellerman funny haircut. He has that little piece of hair right below his so called part. You can tell it’s suppose to go the other way. It’s too long and it’s laying on short hair.

It’s another on that when he’s on TV, I stare at his hair. I don’t listen to him half the time cause I’m thinking about getting a brush and fix it or a pair of scissors a cut it.maxresdefault

Flair Or The Rock

Big argument with my friends over who was the best “talker” in wrestling. It came down to Ric Flair of The Rock.

Most of my friends said The Rock. I think they both give great promos. I can’t pick pick either one cause they’re both different. Flair was doing promos that made wrestling real. At the time, everybody know it was fake but it wasn’t admitted by the wrestling profession. Then Vince McMahon said it was entertainment. then it was seen in a different light.

Flair would go on and on about the prestige of the NWA belt and nobody was going to take it from him. He would do whatever it took to retain the belt.

The Rock was just funny. You watch The Rock cut a promo and you knew you were going to laugh. It was more comedy they wrestling with The Rock.



The Packers vs. The Giants


The Giants catch fish better then they do footballs.

There’s no way The Giants should have lost to The Packers. The Giants were dropping the ball like crazy. All they got was 6 points the first half. They should have had 14.

The Packers couldn’t move the ball in the first half. Before they scored they had 24 yards offense. The two TD’s in the first half were a broken play and a Hail Mary.

This is what I don’t like about Aaron Rodgers. He holds the ball too long and scrambles. He’s the new Fran Tarkenton. Scrambles like eggs. When he completes a pass, he looks great. But The Giants were all over him and sacking him and he looked bad. It’s all or nothing with him.