Sun Ra All Stars and the Sun Ra Arkestra with Archie Shepp Berlin 10/291983

He really was from out of this world.


Sun Ra – “Super-Sonic Jazz”

(from The Ralph Rumpelton Collection of fine art)

I went to Manhattan the other day and stopped in J&R Music World. The only place where you can really buy CD’s. I picked up Ra’s “Super-Sonic Jazz.” Can you imagine going into a Best Buy and asking for this. They would give you the puppy dog look. Head tilted to the said and eyes with the blank stare.

I’m a big fan of Sun Ra but not like my friend Ed. I mention Ra to him and he starts jumping up and down telling me about the times he seen him and all the people that played in his band. He knows his shit. With any Jazz band he could tell you who played in the band and from what years.

Anyway this CD is not as strange as some of his other. Some of the songs are straight Jazz.

Anybody that likes Zappa, Beefheart or music that’s a little different should checkout Sun Ra.