The Fendertones – Surf’s Up


Sgt. Roast Beef and A Pound Of Cheese Band

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My take on the “Sgt. Pepper” album cover with some of my favorites.

Halftime Show

Anybody see the halftime show with Beyonce? I was watching it with some young people and they said the same thing I said. It wasn’t that good. Too much dancing and not enough singing. And the songs she did sing, she said a lot of “come on sing.” I think that’s what she was saying, it was something like that.
When I see her, I see a third rate Tina Turner. Tina was a lot better singer,
and dancer.

I’m watching The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary DVD and was wondering how The Beach Boys would go over at halftime.
Let’s face it, it’s a tough spot. You only get about 20 minutes, no chance to
warm up the crowd and you have to try to please all age groups. And people just want the second half to start so they want yo off as soon as possible.