Killing Bigfoot

They have a new TV show called “Killing Bigfoot.” Half the town wants to shoot Bigfoot, the other half wants to save him.
This has to be the dumbest show ever. In order to kill Bigfoot, there has to be a Bigfoot. I seen the other Bigfoot shows, and not once did I see a Bigfoot.
You watch some of these Bigfoot shows and the people are funny. Then bang on a tree with a stick and they hear an echo or some noise and they think it’s Bigfoot. Like Bigfoot is going to walk around carrying a stick waiting for somebody to bang on a tree.
If somebody asked me to go on a Bigfoot hunt with them I would probably go. It seems like a fun night. With my luck I would come fact to face with a Bigfoot and not have a camera. I would tell the rest of the group that me and Bigfoot were three feet apart. They would ask for a picture and I would say that I don’t have one and nobody would believe me. Why would they believe me, they would think I’m making it up.

New York Jets


I had to get up early and do a couple of things. While I was driving in the car, I was listening to Sports Radio talk about The Jets, Bills game. They’re going on and on how The Jets aren’t facing Peyton Manning, they’re facing Kyle Orton and they’ll be all over him. Easy win for The Jets.

I get home and turn the game on and see it’s 21 to 7, Bills leading and Michel Vick is the quarterback. I thought he started the game since it was only in the second quarter. Then I find out Geno Smith threw 3 interceptions.

I knew Smith wasn’t the answer and I said that Vick will take over around the seventh game. Vick was in there but I didn’t know he would be this bad. They way The Jets played, they made Kyle Orton look like Peyton Manning.

Got to feel bad for The Jets’ fans. Next year they’ll have a new head coach and no quarterback.

Air Conditioner

IMAG0001Over twenty years old and still going strong. For the last ten years I say I’m going to get a new one. Then the beginning of the summer, I put it on to see if it works and it does.

 I did the same thing with my TV. I wanted to get a flat screen but was going to wait till my twenty inch Sony tube TV died. They never die. I tried to donate it. Nobody wanted it cause it was a tube TV even though it worked perfectly. I have a friend and he put it in his daughters room. She’s happy with it.

 The bills aren’t that much with it on. It goes on then turns off at a certain temperature.

 The air conditioner, I’m just gonna let it go till it dies.


What I Learned From Pro Wrestling

19750616_strongbow_jivaliant I’ve been a wrestling fan since I can remember. Back then it was on UHF, I think channel 47, the Spanish-speaking channel. I had the bow-tie antenna to get it. When the picture came in fuzzy, I got some foil and wrapped it around it and moved it around till I can make out what was going on the TV screen. Sometimes I had to guess what was going on but Vince McMahon, who was just an announcer at the time, told you what was going on.

Back then, wrestling fans thought it was real. The promoters told you it real and I knew it was real. Anybody that told me it was fake, I let them have it.

Well I remember when Jimmy Valiant was teaming with Chief Jay Strongbow. The was before Jimmy tagged with his brother Luscious Johnny Valiant. Strongbow and Valiant were a good team together and I knew they were going to win the tag team title. I’m watching it one Saturday night, Valiant is teaming with Strongbow and the unthinkable happens, Valiant turns on Strongbow. Holy Shit! They were the best of friends and this happens. How could this happen. Then McMahon says that Valiant has been hanging around with Captain Lou Albano before the show.

All this happened in the 1960’s and I still remember it and it left an impression on me. The lesson here, watch your friends. Who knows what can happen.