There’s something strange going on with me and the number 714. There’s hardly a day that goes by that I don’t miss 7:14 on the clock. I’ll be in my living room, reading a book, look at the cable box and it’s 7:14. In the morning, when I come home from work and sit at the computer, I turn around and look at the clock on the dresser, 7:14. This happens almost every day. I never miss it. Just now, I was in the living room listening to music with the headphones on, I look up, 7:14. Babe Ruth has 714 home runs.

I don’t know what it is. I’m at work last night and I’m on the order picker, I look down and see714.


People tell me to play the number. I played the number and nothing happened. This is like something out of the “X Files.” I wait for something to happen with that number but it never does. It just keeps popping up.


I Think I Was Abducted By Aliens

I   think I was abducted by aliens the other day. You know how people that are abducted say they’re missing time. Well, they must have gotten what they wanted out of me really fast or they got me up to the ship and said, “this won’t do, send him back.”

I was doing laundry the other day. I’m in my apartment and had to be at the laundry room at 4:15 to take the clothes out. I leave my apartment at 4:14. Takes a minute to walk to the laundry room. Get there at 4:15, take the clothes out of the washing machine and put it in the dryer. The dryer is right next to the washer. Put in my card to pay. The whole thing took about two minutes to do.

So now it’s 4:18 the latest. They dryer takes 45 minutes to do. I’m walking out of the laundry room and look at the clock on the wall to see what time I had to be back. The clock said 4:30. I stood there puzzled. I couldn’t believe it was 4:30. It should have been 4:17 or 4:18. I take my phone out of my pocket cause I thought maybe the clock on the wall was wrong. My phone said 4:30. I lost 13 minutes.

I know sometimes I can zone out. But I  know I didn’t zone out for13 minutes staring at the dryer. And I know what time I left my apartment cause I wanted to be there right when the washer stopped.

If I’m lying in bed one night and I see the greys standing above me, I’ll know something is up.

My Daddy’s Ghost?

        Tales From The Weird

Let me set the story. My father died fifteen years ago.

My mother calls me up the other day and says “something very strange happened  before.” I said, “what.” She say’s, “This Saturday would have been our 61 wedding anniversary.  I’m having coffee with Joe and the phone rings. I pick it up and nobody answering. I thought it was an automatic phone solicitor. Then I look at the phone to see who’s calling and it’s daddy. I show Joe the phone and she can’t believe it.”

As she’s telling me this, she crying. So since I don’t believe in ghost, I’m thinking there has to be a reason this happened. I call her back the next day to see what the phone number daddy called from. My mother says, “he called from my place.”

Let’s get this straight. My father’s ghost is in my mothers house, uses her phone to call her, at the same number.

Like I said, I don’t believe in ghost but this is just weird.