Killing Bigfoot

They have a new TV show called “Killing Bigfoot.” Half the town wants to shoot Bigfoot, the other half wants to save him.
This has to be the dumbest show ever. In order to kill Bigfoot, there has to be a Bigfoot. I seen the other Bigfoot shows, and not once did I see a Bigfoot.
You watch some of these Bigfoot shows and the people are funny. Then bang on a tree with a stick and they hear an echo or some noise and they think it’s Bigfoot. Like Bigfoot is going to walk around carrying a stick waiting for somebody to bang on a tree.
If somebody asked me to go on a Bigfoot hunt with them I would probably go. It seems like a fun night. With my luck I would come fact to face with a Bigfoot and not have a camera. I would tell the rest of the group that me and Bigfoot were three feet apart. They would ask for a picture and I would say that I don’t have one and nobody would believe me. Why would they believe me, they would think I’m making it up.

Flipping The Bird


I could never understand what was so great about this. Who are they telling to fuck off? The people that buy their albums? The Photographer?

Are they trying to make a statement. What is the point of it. It’s not just celebrities. I see regular people doing it also. It’s really not cool, it’s stupid.

The Cell Phone

I’m probably one of the last people to get a cell phone. I kept putting it off cause I’m not on the phone that much and don’t text much.

I got a flip phone. The new flip phone I got has a camera in it. I never use it. I’m not the selfie type.

Today¬† I went out and forgot my cell phone. I freaked out. My main concern is breaking down with the car. What if I break down? I’ll call AAA. Wait, I left my phone at home. Now I’m screwed.

Now I realize that a cell phone is a big help. Just in case you have to call for help.

The Funny Lady On The Phone

I go over my mother’s place the other day and she tells me, “every time I go to make a phone call on my cell, a lady comes on.” So I go to make a call on her phone and the lady comes on and says “Your account has expired Dec. 15, add 15 dollars to activate it.”

I tell my mother that you have to add money. She starts arguing with me that she hasn’t used the phone all month and don’t have to add money.

I finally get it through her head that she has to add money every month even if she doesn’t use it.