The Packers vs. The Giants


The Giants catch fish better then they do footballs.

There’s no way The Giants should have lost to The Packers. The Giants were dropping the ball like crazy. All they got was 6 points the first half. They should have had 14.

The Packers couldn’t move the ball in the first half. Before they scored they had 24 yards offense. The two TD’s in the first half were a broken play and a Hail Mary.

This is what I don’t like about Aaron Rodgers. He holds the ball too long and scrambles. He’s the new Fran Tarkenton. Scrambles like eggs. When he completes a pass, he looks great. But The Giants were all over him and sacking him and he looked bad. It’s all or nothing with him.


“Blues For Allah”/ “Kingfish”

If you like the Dead’s “Blues For Allah,”


You’ll like “Kingfish’s” first album. Both recorded in Bob Weir’s studio and both have the same sound a feel.

If Weir had stayed with Kingfish, I think they could have been big.12032945_128618480824540_3323655479505187878_n

New York Jets


I had to get up early and do a couple of things. While I was driving in the car, I was listening to Sports Radio talk about The Jets, Bills game. They’re going on and on how The Jets aren’t facing Peyton Manning, they’re facing Kyle Orton and they’ll be all over him. Easy win for The Jets.

I get home and turn the game on and see it’s 21 to 7, Bills leading and Michel Vick is the quarterback. I thought he started the game since it was only in the second quarter. Then I find out Geno Smith threw 3 interceptions.

I knew Smith wasn’t the answer and I said that Vick will take over around the seventh game. Vick was in there but I didn’t know he would be this bad. They way The Jets played, they made Kyle Orton look like Peyton Manning.

Got to feel bad for The Jets’ fans. Next year they’ll have a new head coach and no quarterback.

“Shell Shocked” Book Review



I just got done reading Howard Kaylan’s “Shell Shocked.” Pretty good book. Howard tells of his life with The Turtles, The Mothers, and Flo and Eddie. His life went something like this:

Chubby little kid joins a band which becomes “The Turtles.” They have a hit with Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me Babe.” Now that he’s a star, he gets lots of women. Gets married, and has women on the side. Finds drugs and has more women, and more drugs. Gets divorced, has more women and more drugs. Has more drugs, gets married, fools around on the side and does more drugs. Then he does more drugs, gets divorced, does more drugs, fools around, then gets married. Does more drugs, fools around, did I mention he does more drugs. More hits, more women, and more drugs.

That’s his life in a nutshell.





Part 2 of the NRBQ Review (The Dark Side)

 There was some “dick-wad in the row in front of me off to the right with a camera. They made an announcement no flash when the concert starts. The concert starts and he’s taking pictures with the flash on. Somebody came over to him and told him to stop. Five minutes later he’s taking pictures with the flash again. Same guy comes over and tells him to stop. He’s playing dumb like he don’t know how the flash turned on.
 Now this “dick-wad” won’t shut up. He keeps on yelling stuff out. You figure after awhile he would get tired. He doesn’t stop. He yells stuff out and sits there with a smug face. Finally he moves to another seat but won’t shut up. At one part of the show Terry Adams (keyboard player) is telling a story about the first time he met Sun Ra. “Dick-wad” is interrupting him. Finally Terry says,”What was I talking about before I was so rudely interrupted. “Dick-wad” yells out “Sun Ra.” A bunch of people start yelling at him telling him to shut the fuck up. He just sat there with that smug look. When the music started, he started yelling stuff out again.
 Then there was a girl in the audience, another dumb ass. When Terry was telling the Sun Ra story, she yelled out, “Is this a concert or lecture?” People starting yelling at her to shut up.
 Terry Adams really spoke once during the show for about three minutes, and I think it was to give the band a chance to catch their breath.
 When I bought tickets online, it looked like it was almost sold out. When the concert started, I see Terry looking up at the back of the theater. The Boulton Center is a really nice theater that holds 250 people. Not a bad seat in the place. When the concert was over, I turned around and saw the whole top was empty. There must have been 125 people there.

Halftime Show

Anybody see the halftime show with Beyonce? I was watching it with some young people and they said the same thing I said. It wasn’t that good. Too much dancing and not enough singing. And the songs she did sing, she said a lot of “come on sing.” I think that’s what she was saying, it was something like that.
When I see her, I see a third rate Tina Turner. Tina was a lot better singer,
and dancer.

I’m watching The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary DVD and was wondering how The Beach Boys would go over at halftime.
Let’s face it, it’s a tough spot. You only get about 20 minutes, no chance to
warm up the crowd and you have to try to please all age groups. And people just want the second half to start so they want yo off as soon as possible.



A couple of pictures I took of NRBQ from The Pastime Pub in Amityville back in the late 70’s. Me and my friends went there thinking another band was going to be there. When we got there we saw the roadies unloading NRBQ’s equipment from the truck into the bar. I remember the piano coming out of the truck. I don’t think I ever saw a band with a real piano in a bar before. They were a couple of bucks more then your average band but we figured, what the hell, we’re here already. I’m glad we stayed. I never seen a band like this before. They didn’t play regular Rock music, they played everything.

The thing I remember most about the concert was Tom Ardolino’s drumming. Every time he hit the drums, it looked like the kit was going to fall apart, then at the last second, it went back together.