Packers vs. Falcons

It’s in the 4th quarter and The Packers are getting killed. Game is almost over and the Packers score a touchdown. The announcer say’s very serious………..”If they make the 2, it’s a 22 point game.”

No matter how much they tried to make it interesting, it was a wipe out, the game was over by then.


The Packers vs. The Giants


The Giants catch fish better then they do footballs.

There’s no way The Giants should have lost to The Packers. The Giants were dropping the ball like crazy. All they got was 6 points the first half. They should have had 14.

The Packers couldn’t move the ball in the first half. Before they scored they had 24 yards offense. The two TD’s in the first half were a broken play and a Hail Mary.

This is what I don’t like about Aaron Rodgers. He holds the ball too long and scrambles. He’s the new Fran Tarkenton. Scrambles like eggs. When he completes a pass, he looks great. But The Giants were all over him and sacking him and he looked bad. It’s all or nothing with him.

Colin Kaepernick and the NFL Sponsors

This whole Colin Kaepernick thing with him kneeling, other black players giving the black power salute is kind of blowing over. Nobody cares anymore what they do. At first it was a shock, but now, who cares. The camera goes on them for a second, the song is over and people are ready for the game.

However if you want to get back at them, there’s one easy thing to do. You don”t have to write letters to the NFL, or protest outside the stadium.

Just boycott the NFL sponsors and watch the fun start. They lose money, they pull out of the NFL. The NFL has a hard time getting sponsors, all hell breaks out, and the people have spoken.

And who are the NFL sponsors. Well here’s a list of some of the big ones:

( I hate Budweiser anyway)capture-9

Red Flag

I was watching the Giants/ Colts football game before. I just want to know, is there a rule that says that the head coach has to put the red flag ( to contest a call) in his sock?

Luck threw a pass to his receiver and it looked like he didn’t have control of the ball when he hit the ground. Tom Coughlin wanted to contest the call, so he reaches down to his sock to get the red flag to throw. The Colts already got the play off and it went for a touchdown.

He’s 68 years old. By the time he bent down to get the flag, the Colts could have ran off ten plays. Why don’t he keep the flag in his coat pocket. It would take a second to throw the flag then.

New York Jets


I had to get up early and do a couple of things. While I was driving in the car, I was listening to Sports Radio talk about The Jets, Bills game. They’re going on and on how The Jets aren’t facing Peyton Manning, they’re facing Kyle Orton and they’ll be all over him. Easy win for The Jets.

I get home and turn the game on and see it’s 21 to 7, Bills leading and Michel Vick is the quarterback. I thought he started the game since it was only in the second quarter. Then I find out Geno Smith threw 3 interceptions.

I knew Smith wasn’t the answer and I said that Vick will take over around the seventh game. Vick was in there but I didn’t know he would be this bad. They way The Jets played, they made Kyle Orton look like Peyton Manning.

Got to feel bad for The Jets’ fans. Next year they’ll have a new head coach and no quarterback.